Your personal data is processed by Jo Howard / Equilibria on the basis of legitimate interest (following your consent to treatment) and is for the purpose of ensuring that your treatment is safe and effective.


Paper records

Your personal information and treatment records are held in paper format. This information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third party except in the circumstances that

  • We both agree it would be beneficial for me to communicate with your GP, medical consultant or other healthcare practitioner about your treatment, in which case your specific consent will be obtained.

  • There is an unforeseen medical emergency at the time of treatment, or I have reason to believe there is a risk of serious harm to you or to others; in which case relevant personal data may be shared with the proper authorities such as emergency or social services.

Your paper records are stored securely and retained for a period of 10 years after your last treatment as required by my Professional Code of Conduct.


Electronic records

Telephone: Your phone number will be stored electronically (in reference to your name only) for the period of your active treatment (i.e. whilst you have further appointments booked). 

This is to allow me to

  • Recognise your number if you call / text during the course of treatment (e.g. to inform me of a need to change an appointment, or warn of late arrival etc).

  • Contact you in the unlikely event that an appointment had to be cancelled by me at short notice when I am away from my clinic without access to your paper records, or for other essential communication regarding your treatment.


Email: If you contact me by email with personal information or medical records, that email conversation will be retained electronically for as long as it is needed to support your written treatment records. Emails no longer required for that purpose will be deleted within 3 months.



I do not send marketing information by email, text or post.

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(Jo Howard is a specialist in myofascial massage therapy. Convenient for the High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Marlow and Amersham area)