At your first appointment, a consultation will enable information to be gained about your general health, levels of activity or sports performance, and any current or previous medical problems. This is important in ensuring that treatment is effective, safe and tailored to your individual needs.


Some underlying medical conditions (and use of some medication) may mean that treatment is not appropriate, or it may be necessary to check with your GP or medical consultant before commencing treatment. Please mention any significant underlying medical conditions when arranging an initial appointment to ensure that treatment will be able to proceed when you attend.


Jo works from a dedicated private treatment room, which is kept comfortably warm to assist in relaxation. Appointments are never booked ‘back to back’, allowing you to feel relaxed and unhurried after treatment. As the room has no public waiting area, Jo asks that clients do not arrive ahead of their treatment time.


Myofascial treatments require a detailed postural assessment to be undertaken, for which it is most helpful to undress to underwear (or sports shorts / bra top if preferred). If you have any concerns about this, please feel free to ask. Every care is taken to preserve modesty and to allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment. After the assessment, towels are used to cover all body areas not being treated.  After your treatment, you will be given time to dress privately.

Treatment is most effective when you are able to relax and allow tension to release from the body. There is no need to chat during the treatment, unless you have a question / concern, or unless feedback is needed.


‘Hands-on’ treatment will always form the vast majority of the treatment time. Where needed, this will also be supplemented by advice on self-treatment techniques and posture, so that you can continue your treatment at home.


Before treatment please avoid heavy meals and alcohol. Please do not apply body lotions / moisturisers prior to myofascial work as the treatment is performed without oils. After treatment it is important to remain well hydrated, so ensure that you drink plenty of water. It is best to avoid vigorous exercise after treatment, so do bear this in mind when booking your appointment time.


Please do not attend for treatment if you are unwell (colds, coughs etc) as it will not help your recovery and risks passing infection on to others. Treatment may be refused on attendance if you are clearly unwell.

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(Jo Howard is a specialist in myofascial massage therapy. Convenient for the High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Marlow and Amersham area)